Boat Lift Crane

Boat lift crane is a sort of lifting equipment designed for lifting boats. It is preferred when the vessels to be moved approach 10 tons to 1200 tons and even beyond.

Compared to other types of vessel handling equipment, the boat crane lift is a kind of mobile boat hoist that allows you to position it anywhere you want it to be, which makes the movement more convenient and flexible.

Our boat lifts are capable of handling small to large-sized yachts or work boats with the utmost safety and efficiency.

Types of Boat Lift Crane for Sale

Generally, depending on the capacity of your ship, the boat crane can 4-wheel, 8-wheel, 16-wheel and 32-wheel.

Aicrane boat crane is designed with the latest technology and safety features to make sure it delivers the optimal and durable performance in the boat hauling process. As a non-standard lifting equipment, the boat lift crane can be custom designed and built to meet your specific requirements.

We are here to assist you to design the most economical and powerful boat lifting solutions!

Boat Lift Crane With 4-Wheel
Boat Lift Crane 4-Wheel
Boat Lift 8-Wheel For Sale
Boat Lift 8-Wheel
Boat Lift Crane 16-Wheel Price
Boat Lift Crane 16-Wheel
Hydraulic Boat Lift 32-Wheel Supplier
Hydraulic Boat Lift 32-Wheel

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Boat Lift Crane Specifications

Model MBH
Rated lifting capacity 10-1200t
Span 6.5-25m
Lifting speed 0-3m/min
Running speed 0-40m/min

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How Can A Boat Crane Lift Benefit Your Business?

The marine boat lift is primarily found in or near a body of water to perform the lift-in and lift-out work. It makes the hauling of a boat easy and efficient. Here is how a boat lift crane benefit your business:

Large capacity

The boat crane lift has large carrying capacity up to 1200 tons, which enables it to move heavy loads in a great speed.

Wide applications

When you need to launch a newly built boat into water or haul a boat out of water, then a mobile boat crane can perfectly meet your requirements.

The mobile boat crane can also be used to lift and move the hull of a boat in the shipyard for maintenance and repair.

Additionally, it  can be utilized in your yard to arrange large boats in rows so as to increase the utilization of limited yard space.

Boat Crane Lift For Sale
Boat Lift Crane Price
Boat Lift Crane
Mobile Boat Lift
Mobile Boat Lift
300 Ton Boat Lift For Sale
300 Ton Boat Lift
Boat Travel Lift Crane
Boat Travel Lift Crane

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Easy and safe operation

The boat lift is easy to operate which requires a single operator and a coordinator to implement the operation work. By means of remote control or cabin control, it can better protect the staff within the work area.

In a word, the crane for lifting boats is meant to facilitate operations of harbor and dockside as well as to ensure a safe lifting operation.

Boat Lift Crane Design

Our travel lift is specifically engineered for the enhanced efficiency and safety in boat handling process. We focus on the most practical needs of customers to help them with increased productivity and maximum usage of yard space.

When it comes to the boat lift design, it involves a number of fundamental and critical components and units:

  • Basically, the boat crane consists of a double gantry U frame structure that allows it to support a large boat easily. The articulated main and end beams can perfectly eliminate structural stress when running on uneven ground.
  • The boat hoist is typically driven hydraulically. However, small boat crane can be designed and built with electric transmission system if needed.
  • Variable span design allows for additional clearance for different vessel configurations.
  • The slings can be adjusted to balance the load equally as well as customize each lift.
  • The travelling and steering modes vary widely. Generally there are straight travelling, oblique travelling, fixing axle steering, 90 degree steering, Ackermann steering and so on for you to choose from. The wheel electronic or hydraulic steering system provides precision steering control for boat handling.
  • The remote control and cabin control offer increased convenience and safety for lifting operations.
  • Considering the marine salt-water environments where the boat crane is frequently applied, special materials, stainless steel and superior paint are utilized to prevent the machine from corroding and extend its life.

Standard And Custom Boat Hoist Cranes: All for Your Needs

We provide a series of standard boat lift to suit different needs and working conditions. If the provided travel lift specifications and configurations cannot meet your requirements, we are also able to custom design and build a solution with our professional engineers.

We promise that the crane components are sourced from reputable and reliable suppliers. Besides, with our excellent technical team and advanced production facilities, we can produce high quality marine hoists that deliver efficient and durable performance.

Our boat lift requires low operational cost, little maintenance and low energy consumption, thus it is capable of getting the job done efficiently, safely and cost-effectively.

Whatever your requirements for marine hoist, we are able to help you design the best solution for your needs.

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There are several factors determining the types and configurations of your travel lifts, including the boat size, weight, working environment, safety precautions and the size of specifically designed wharf.

Therefore, please provide the following details so that we can quote you:

  • Max. dimension of the ship will be lifted?
  • Max. weight of the ship will be lifted?
  • Have you constructed the launching pier? What’s the width?

Our boat travel lift will be designed with your goals in mind. Contact us for a quote!

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Aicrane – Reliable Boat Travel Lift Crane Manufacturer

  • Aicrane is an experienced lifting equipment provider in China, dedicated to solve any issue you meet within the material handling industry.
  • Our products include overhead crane, gantry crane, jib crane, hoist, winch and travel lift to meet different needs of customers.
  • We provide one-stop solution encompassing the crane design, manufacture, delivery and after-sale services for clients to simplify their order process.
  • We value much on quality, safety and environmental friendliness so we never sacrifice quality for profit.

Looking for dependable boat lift crane manufacturer and supplier? Aicrane can be your first choice!

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