Gantry Crane Operation

The safe operation of gantry cranes is essential to ensure safety and work efficiency as well as to extend the service life of the crane. The following are the ten main points that gantry cranes should pay attention to in their operations:

1. Before using the gantry crane, the brakes, hooks, wire ropes and safety devices should be checkedto ensure that they are in good working conditions. Any abnormal phenomena should be eliminated.

2. When lifting a heavy object for the first time or when the load reaches the maximum weight,the operator should put down the heavy objects after lifting 0.5 meters above the ground and check whether the brake is in good working condition. The operation can only be carried out after confirmation.

3. During the operation of the gantry crane, the operator should sound the alarm according to the regulations when performing the following operations:

  • Lifting and lowering heavy objects; when the crane and trolley are driving.
  • In places where the line of sight is unclear, when the crane travels through, it should continuously ring the alarm.
  • When the crane is approaching another crane within the span, a warning should be given to avoid collision.
  • When a person is next to the lifting object, a warning must be given in time.
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4. The crane driver shall operate in accordance with the unified command signal during the crane operation.

5. When the power is suddenly cut off during the work of the gantry crane, all the crane controller handles should be set to the “zero” position. Before re-working, check whether the crane movement is normal. After confirming that it is normal, you can proceed with the operation.

6. During normal operation of gantry crane, it is strictly forbidden to open the reverse brake to stop. When changing the direction of movement of the crane and trolley, the handle must be set to the “zero” position to stop the mechanism completely.

7. The gantry crane with two hooks is not allowed to hang two objects at the same time.When the main and auxiliary hooks are changed, or the height of the two hooks is similar, the main and auxiliary hooks must be operated separately to prevent the two hooks from colliding.

8. It is strictly prohibited to adjust the lifting mechanism brake during lifting.

9. If an abnormality is found during the operation of the gantry crane, it should be stopped immediately to check the cause and eliminate the fault in time.

10. After using the gantry crane, raise the crane hook to a certain height, the craneand the trolley are parked at the specified position, the controller handle is set to “zero” position, pull down the protective box switch handle and cut off the power supply. Then the operator performs daily maintenance work.

In the operation of gantry cranes, it is hoped that safety operations can be carried out in strict compliance with the above specifications. Only by operating the crane in accordance with the safety regulations can the safety of the operators be ensured and good working efficiency can be ensured.

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