How to Lift A Boat

When it comes to lift a boat, there are many different options. The most effective and convenient way to handle a boat is with a mobile boat lift. This mobile boat handling equipment can lift ships or yachts from 10 tons to 1200 tons out of the water for the purposes of repair, maintenance or launching the ships. It is fully hydraulically driven and uses flexible lifting straps to cradle the vessel from underneath, preventing damage to the hull. The marine boat lift systems are available in a variety of configurations to suit all kinds of ships and docking scenarios. Here are some unique features of mobile boat lifts:

  • This mobile boat lift is non-standard equipment and is self-powered and fully hydraulically driven.
  • Use soft and strong slings topull the vessel from underneath, without causing damage to its surface and structure.
  • Hydraulic steering system adopts oil cylinder or turbine worm control.
  • There are 12 kinds of walking functions such as straight travel, oblique travel, in-situ slewing and Ackerman steering to meet the needs of different working conditions,with 4% climbing ability. Therefore, the hydraulic boat lift can conveniently and flexibly transport the boat and quickly arrange the boat at a time, effectively saving space.
  • The boat hoist can adjust the span according to the different length of the boat.
  • The lifting mechanism adopts a load-sensitive hydraulic system. The distance of the lifting points can be adjusted to keep multiple lifting points synchronously lifting. At the same time, it outputs power according to the load, which reduces the energy consumption of the whole machine.
  • The main and end beams are hinged to eliminate the stress that may be caused during the operation of the boat hoist on uneven road surface.
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Structure of Mobile Boat Lift

Mobile boat lifts are often used in marinas, fishing ports, and docks to transfer ships, or used to build and repair ships in shipyards. The structure of the boat lift includes: main metal structure, travelling mechanism, hoisting mechanism, steering mechanism, hydraulic transmission system, and electrical control system. The upper structure is a double-gantry U-shaped connecting frame, which can meet the smooth entry, exit, lifting and other work of different ship types at the dock or shipyard, and allow the height of the ship to exceed the height of the crane itself. The boat lift can be used for ships of different weights and types.

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