Installation of BMH Semi Gantry Crane in Nigeria

The BMH single girder semi gantry crane was installed and commissioned in our customer’s workshop. This product is a small and medium-sized crane that runs on rails. It is a general purpose crane, mostly used for material handling in mechanical processing workshops. The special reducer for the lower beam can make the working space inside the crane larger.

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Overhead And Gantry Crane In Workshop
Overhead And Gantry Crane In Workshop

This semi gantry crane was installed under a large bridge crane provided by our company. The crane can cover an extensive floor area without getting in the way of the overhead lifting process. By utilizing the gantry crane and overhead crane in the workshop, your work efficiency will be greatly improved, and manpower is saved.

Take a look at the video showing the installation and commissioning of the semi-gantry crane in our customer’s workshop:

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