RMG Crane

RMG crane, also known as rail mounted gantry crane, is mainly used for container loading and unloading, handling and stacking in container railway transfer yards and container terminals. The crane can adopt different structural forms such as no cantilever, single cantilever and double cantilever depending on the work site, container storage and transportation process, loading and unloading vehicles, etc. The double cantilever rail mounted gantry crane has a large headroom in the width direction of the legs because the container needs to pass through the space inside the legs on both sides. The structure of the RMG crane without cantilever is relatively simple because the container does not have to pass through the space inside the door leg.

RMG Crane for Sale
RMG Crane

RMG crane parameters:

  • Load capacity: 30-50t
  • Span: 18-35m
  • Lifting height: 12.3-21m
  • Lifting speed: 9.2-12.5m/min
  • Trolley running speed: 45-56m/min
  • Crane running speed: 42-50m/min
  • Work duty: A6-A8

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Features of RMG Container Crane

  • The lifting speed is lower and the running speed of the crane is higher. According to the requirements of the container yard, the lifting height of the RMG crane is not high, so the lifting speed is correspondingly low. The container yard generally has a longer length along the direction of the running track. In order to achieve a high productivity, the rail mounted crane runs at a higher speed.
  • The running speed of the trolley can be determined according to the span of the bridge and the outreach of both ends.When the span and the cantilever length are large, the running speed of the trolley can be increased to meet the productivity requirements.
  • When the span exceeds 40m, the bridgewill shift due to the different running resistance of the gantry legs on both sides during high-speed operation. Therefore, a synchronizing device is set up to keep the running speed of the operating mechanisms on both sides synchronized through the electrical control system.
  • The electric drive control system adopts thyristor DC or AC speed regulation drive control system to achieve better speed regulation and control performance. It can also use conventional AC eddy current speed control or AC stator voltage and speed control drive control system.
RMG Container Crane Price
RMG Container Crane

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Operation And Control of RMG Crane

The RMG crane is operated by the driver operating the linkage platform in the cab. The cab is generally suspended under the trolley and runs with the it. All operation of the crane can be realized on the cab linkage platform.

The control of the rail mounted gantry crane can be adopted in different ways according to the needs of users. The common methods include: conventional AC and eddy current speed control braking system; AC stator voltage and speed control system; thyristor DC constant rate control system and AC frequency conversion speed control system, and different electric drive control systems can be used according to different mechanisms.

Structure of RMG Crane

RMG crane is composed of main beam, rigid and flexible legs, trolley, lifting mechanism, crane operating mechanism, electrical system, operating cab, etc.

Metal structure

Steel structure of the rail mounted container gantry crane generally adopts box structure. The main beams and box-shaped end beams form a frame beam supported on rigid and flexible legs. Both rigid and flexible legs adopt a box-shaped structure. For small and medium-span rail mounted crane, the legs on both sides are made into rigid legs. For “Π” shaped legs, the strength and stiffness are achieved by the rigid connection of the legs and the top beam. For “U” shaped legs, they are achieved by the rigid connection of the legs and the bottom beam, and along the trolley direction, the strength and rigidity are achieved by the rigid connection between the main beam and the rigid legs. The trolley structure generally adopts the combined structure of box girder and plate truss.

Lifting mechanism

There are two forms of lifting mechanism: wire rope drum type and rigid telescopic type.

Trolley running mechanism

The operating mechanism of the trolley consists of DC or AC motors, gear couplings, block or disc brakes, medium hard tooth surface reducers, low-speed gear couplings, wheels and wheel supports. The arrangement of the drive mechanism is generally divided into two ways: along the direction of the trolley track, and perpendicular to the direction of the trolley track.

Crane running mechanism

The crane running mechanism is usually three-wheel or four-wheel, which is determined according to the wheel pressure. The structure and form of the running mechanism are similar to other types of cranes.

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