Travel Lift Manufacturer

We are travel lift manufacturer from China with more than 10 years of experience in the travel lift industry. We can design and manufacture travel lift according to the different requirements of customers. The boat lift is widely used in marinas, shipyards, water sports clubs and other places to handle various vessels from 10 tons to 1200 tons for the purposes of maintenance, repair or launching new ships. If you are looking to purchase a new boat travel lift, contact us today!

Boat Travel Lift Manufacturer
Boat Travel Lift
Boat travel lift parameters:
  • Rated lifting capacity: 10-1200t
  • Span: 6.5-25m
  • Lifting speed : 0-3m/min
  • Running speed : 0-40m/min

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Technical Features of Boat Travel Lift

  1. Travel lift is composed of the metal structure, traveling wheels, hoisting mechanism, steering mechanism, hydraulic transmission system, electrical control system, etc. The double gantry U type connecting frame can handle boats with a height that exceeds the height of the travel lift itself, which is convenient for the smooth entry, exit, lifting and other work of different ships.
  2. Electric hydraulic drive system is adopted for lifting and travelling mechanisms. The hydraulic transmission has many advantages, including smooth movement, fast response, small inertia, high-speed starting, braking and reversing, compact structure, simple operation, stepless adjustment during operation, overload protection.
  3. It can realize 12 kinds of walking functions such as straight travel, diagonal travel, in-situ slewing and Ackerman steering to meet different working conditions.
  4. The main and end beams are hinged to eliminate the stress when walking on uneven road surface.
  5. The lifting mechanism adopts multi-point lifting, which can effectively disperse the force acting on the hull. The distance between the lifting points can be adjusted to meet the needs of different hulls.
  6. Use soft and sturdy lifting strapsto evenly lift and pull the ship’s hull without causing any damage to the surface.
  7. The ships can be quickly arrangedusing the travel lift crane. The distance between the hulls can be kept small, saving storage space.

How to Find A Reliable Travel Lift Manufacturer

Choosing the right boat lift manufacturer can ensure relatively low operating and maintenance costs. The question is how to select the right one. The following 6 points for reference:

  1. See if the manufacturer focuses on the production of boat travel lift. A professional and experienced manufacturer will inevitably invest a lot of capital and manpower in research and development, thus the production process will be refined, and after-sales service will be perfected.
  2. See if the manufacturer has been operating long enough. In general, manufacturers with many years of experience are trustworthy.
  3. See if theproduct series is complete.
  4. See if the production process is advanced and pay attention to product details, which will determine the product quality and user experience.
  5. See if the after-sales service is perfect and considerate.If the manufacturer can respond and follow up to solve after-sales services such as installation and commissioning, user training, parts supply, and repair assistance, you can save a lot of time and cost.
  6. Look at the manufacturer’s management system and corporate culture.The manufacturer’s corporate culture should not be ignored, because it injects a certain kind of gene into the company and its products.
China Travel Lift Manufacturer
Travel Lift Manufacturer

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Looking for a reliable travel lift manufacturer? You can rely on Aicrane. We design and manufacture the most suitable and cost-effective marine boat travel lift according to your needs with the utmost efficiency, safety and reliability. You can fill out the contact form or email your inquiry to let us know some basic information about the boat lift you need, such as boat weight, boat size, the use of travel lift, etc. We will provide you a suitable quote based on your requirements.

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